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It is our primary aim to improve the technology of thermal handle, abrasion resistance, flexibility and stiffness as well as to increase the life span of the product.We have been designing relevant needles according to the different nonwovens and denier of fibers for our clients and have been building good friendships with them.
A comparative analytical report about the quality of felting needles in both domestic and international needle factories has been given by Dong Hua University Nonwovens Study and Development Department. The study has concluded that our company is far ahead in developing the felting needle trade.In order to improve our service and to have better co-operation with our clients, as well as to improve and develop the best effect for our needles we have established sale archives for every and each client.
Situated to the East China sea, Tai Zhou is a new vibrant city with abundant seafood. Its oranges and loquats are also especially well known. The area is praised as the home of rice and fish. The weather is pleasant and the scenery, beautiful. There are many famous scenic sites, which include Mount Yan Dang, Mount Tian Tai, Guo Qing Temple and Pu Tuo sacred Resort. Our company is situated in this beautiful and convenient environment. We very much look forward to cooperating with friends from within China as well as abroad.

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