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Instruction for technology of felting needles



Instruction for technology of felting needles

Felting needles are the special ones for nonwovens.The dense needles punch up and down through fiber web ,which makes fibers combined and then produce nonwovens.Nonwovens are used in many areas such as plane,transport,railway,environmental protection etc.It increases at the 8% to 15% speed per year in developed countries.Nonwoven trade in our country also develops quickly in recent years...
The configuration of barbs of felting needles influences the quality of nonwovens directly.Famous nonwoven factories around the world have been inviting experts to study and produce new barbs in order to improve the quality of nonwovens.
The following is the geometry form of barbs of needles,whose barb consists of undercut angle,throat depth,throat length and kick-up
It has apparent shortcomings for traditional barbs:
1:the barb is cut to produce by sward like chisel.There are two edge of a knife in the three sides of undercut angle.When the needles punch at the high speed it is very easy to cut the fibers off and influences the tensile strength seriously.
2:Kick-up will increase the diameter of the hole of nonwovens,then influence the surface quality of nonwovens.
3:Undercut angle is acute one.Mechanical strength accumulates at the point of angle,which makes the needles cut off easily.Broken needles going on punching will spoil the surface of nonwovens seriously,as well when needles punch at the high speed,static they produce will attrach particulate to the point of angle,gather more and more.
Conventional brabs have the above apparent shortcomings .we have studied new barb needles—needles with barb like circular arc,whose specialty and advantage are following:
1:undercut angle is increased between 20°to 25°,which can increase the fibers to the angle.The new barb will avoid  harming the fibers and then improve the quality of nonwovens
2:undercut angle is changed from three edges to circular arc.When needles punch up and down,fibers set down to the middle or bottom of angle easily,where the needles are abraded,thus increases its working life.
3:the groove of barb is increased,the top of angle is circle,particulate is very easy to separate from the groove of barb.
4:the groove like arc will improve the stiffness and flexibility of the needles,thus reduce the rate of breaking.so the needles with barbs like circular arc have more advantages than traditional barbs in reducing breaking ,whereas increasing the its life span and improving the quality of nonwovens greatly,etc.
Thermal handle plays an important role in the quality of the needles .We take advanced technology such as re-crystallization in vaccum. Coal as particulate is distributed  equably,HV648-683,stiffness ,flexibility,
Abrasion  resistance are superior .The quality of our needles leads a higher position at home according to the analysis of China Donghua Textile College Nonwovens Engineering Dept.
The needles with barb like circular arc have the above obvious advantages compared with conditional needles.At present Groz,G is the famous gauge of needles ,but its big circular arc cuts much metal of the body of the needle,which influences its stiffness so it is easy to be cut off,besides,the edge of the arc is still sharp edge of a knife cutting the fibers off easily when the needles punch up and down.
So the needles with barb like circular arc we have designed are the best ones at present in the world
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